25 April 2011

Easter Sunday

Edward and Gigi are so excited about the Easter Egg hunt.

Who do you think will find the most chocolate eggs?
First they was looking in the lounge...

Edward picked his little sister up to get the eggs from the top of the glass cabinet.

It was hard to find the eggs in the always messy study :)

Look what Jessie found one egg too on the chair in the kitchen :)

Edward is just too fast to take a photo of, while Gigi looking around her kitchen.

Jessie really enjoyed her first Easter in our family. Since Gigi got her in February, she takes her everywhere and call her little sister. So I have three kids now :)

Gigi found the most eggs.

My little monkey :)

Edward love Easter so much!

Gigi has found more under the table mats.

Same as Edward.

Our breakfast. Kids are eating chocolate balls cereal and me corn flakes with sugar...yes, I know I shouldn't put sugar on it.
Edward said it's looks like we are having rabbit droppings and bird food :)

Jessie having strawberry tart and milk.

Before lunch we was painting some eggs.

Only painted six eggs.

Gigi helping me to put the eggs in the glass bowl.

Since I was a child, my mum always made this Easter dish. It's sliced smoked/cooked ham, sausages and boiled eggs. We are have it with horseradish sauce and brioche.

This Easter food my kids favorite too.


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