30 March 2011

Earthquake Relief for Japan

The earthquake in Japan, makes me think every single day of the people who lost their life or their loved ones...people who lost their homes...
Last weekend I designed something to sell  in my supply shop on Etsy.

100% of proceeds of this items will go to the American Red Cross via PayPal. This morning I've already donated some money from my previous sales from my Accessories shop on Etsy.
Here are some photos of the making...

I hand cut each raindrops from a vintage Hungarian book.

Then I cut out lots of hearts with a die cutter.
I sew the hearts together to make a garland.

It's over one yard long.

You can use this heart garland in your home or office to show you love and give some help for the people in Japan.

This raindrop garland would look nice in the window or use it as a window display in your shop if you got one.


29 March 2011

For someone special...

 I want to show you what I made for someone really special to me, who I've never met...I only saw photos of him.
 When I heard from his uncle it's his Birthday, I wanted to send him a present.
First I was thinking to send one of my textured paintings, I made last year...
but then I wanted to make him something really special, what I have never made before: a touch and feel painting, because he is blind and autistic.

First I put some acrylic paint and some natural jasmine oil with the paint on the canvas.
This oil is made for use with acrylic or oil paints. It will give a nice scent to the painting, as I want to paint some flowers on the canvas.

I blended the three colors and added some more red and two tone blue paint.
I'm still not sure what else I want to paint (except the flowers), I'm just following my heart...

I've used a 3D paint to make little white flowers.

I painted some fluffy clouds too...

...but wasn't as fluffy when I touched them, so I glued some cotton wool on it the next day after the paint has dried.

I cut out tiny little wings from organza fabric and singed them for making some butterflies.

Look how small they are.

Then I hand sewn them to the canvas with glass beads.

While I was making this painting, I couldn't stop thinking:...will he like it?...

Tiny butterflies are fluttering around the little flowers.

I wanted to symbolise the stars, so I hot glued some Swarovski crystals on the sky.

I have to be careful not to burn the canvas while I am applying each crystal...

I wasn't happy with the texture of the painted flowers, so I decided to cut out some petals from silk and...

...I've sewn them with glass beads to the canvas.

I am happy with the flowers now.

The finished painting...

... I wish I could be there to see his face when he will touch and feel the painting.

I had to make a box for it, to make sure will not be damaged during shipping.

I made this painting with so much love and I am hoping he will like it...

06 March 2011

Nature is the biggest artist

I found these photos today in my photo album. I took them on New Year's Eve 2010.
When I woke up in the morning and looked out in the window to our garden, I've noticed this beautiful art what Mother Nature left us. I just had to take some photos and show them for you. 
I wanted to take a clear undisturbed shots, free from any garden background and the black paper behind the angel helped me to achieve that.

Click on the images to see them in larger size.

I took this photo from the lamp post. It's amazing how the icicle standing away from the post.

I love this little angel in our garden, she has such a sweet face.