06 April 2011

I am in love with spring

Last week was so beautiful and sunny, so I took my camera with me when I picked my little daughter up from kindergarten.
I hope will make you as happy, as did me when I took this photos.
If you click on the photos, you can see them in larger size.

Almond blossoms.

I don't know why, but the sky looks different blue in Hungary, than in the UK.

I always wanted to take close up photos from bees. Now I got it.

I was right close to the bees, when I took this photos. My camera lens had some pollen on it.

Was so many bees on this little tree, but none of them wanted to sting me.
I think they felt I don't want to hurt them...

I like this bee the best. Can you see his left wing is damaged.
I would love to stroke him very gently...

I am so happy for this shot!

Here is my favorite again with a damaged wing.
He come back to me to take more picture of him...

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Mamasakio said...

WOW very nice pictures, Marianna. I love the sky at the background and yes it is a different blue then they have here in the UK.