27 February 2009

The Happy Snowman

It's been snowing for a couple of days, and I gone for a walk with my son and my little daughter to the post office to post some of my orders. The kids enjoyed the walk, and when we got back I was asking them if they want to build a snowman. We was looking for something for the nose and the eyes. I found an old red kinder toy for the nose in front of the garage and a couple of stones for the eyes. The kids put them on the snowman's face. But I thought something is missing. I broke off a dry twig from the tree for his mouth.
The kids loved the sweet face on the snowman, and I wanted to show you too.

Hope make you smile a little bit :)

08 February 2009

My entry for this week's EST Challenge

I like to congratulate to vadjutka, who won the Challenge last Monday with her beautiful necklace. Jutka new EST Challenge for this week is Recycling. Today I listed on Etsy my entry piece, which is an American Express creditcard earrings :)