28 August 2010

Picture of the day

Today I felt a bit down, so I was looking at some photos I took in the summer.

Gigi and Edward having some fun in the pool. Such a shame summer is ending and school starting in three days.

26 August 2010

Video of my Fall Accessories Collection

My 1st ever Youtube video of my creations.

Special thanks to my son, Edward who was showing me how to make it.

Please, can I ask you to leave a comment what do you think of this video.

Thank you

21 August 2010

The Audrey Collection

I am happy to show you my new Audrey Collection clutch bags. Here you can see the first two design handmade by me. You can find them in my Etsy shop.

Romantic classic style, made from ivory and latte color fabrics and beautifully detailed metal flower buckle.

Gorgeous two tone embroided taffeta fabric in dark red/rusty color.
Perfect for any occasions in your life.

16 August 2010

My Birthday

My Birthday was on last Saturday and look how my kids made my day special!
Edward wrote me a poem and Gigi wrapped up her little "unwanted" things in a tissue paper.
I was so happy to open up my present, what she was wrapping up herself with so much Love...that sort of presents you can't buy in shops...just thinking back put tears into my eyes again...

Here they singing me Happy Birthday again in the kitchen. They decorated the table for me with Edward's origami heart and flowers.

Gigi made some confetti, she wrote her name on every each of the paper cuttings and after sprinkled them on the carpet for me all the way to the kitchen.
...yes,I know she wrote her name wrong way around :)

Edward made some confetti too and he put them on my laptop :)

10 August 2010

For someone who makes me smile

A few days ago I saw someone's photo with a book and had a ticket as a bookmark. First thing that come to my mind to make him a bookmark as a little gift for return to make me smile with his tweet updates.

He seen it and he loves it. Hopefully will be with him soon.

01 August 2010

Magnolia it so much! I was inspired today by that beautiful flower and I designed and made this pretty little hand bag.

The beautiful cream satin fabric is just perfect for wedding or any special occasion in your life.

I love the pretty and delicate look and feel of this little bag.

Handmade by me and it's a one of a kind piece, I have signed it inside. If you like to place an order for your wedding, please send me a message on my Etsy shop.
For more details please click on the images.