23 July 2010

Dreaming of nontraditional wedding?

Many brides-to-be are dreaming of nontraditional wedding. I met many women, who was so happy to find my Etsy shop, as I have other color choice for weddings, than ivory & white.
I have designed and made many accessories in the past years, and all of them are unique color and fabric mixture. Here I would like to show you some of them.
For more details, please click on the images and highlighted links.
First I want to show you, my all time favorite design: Butterfly fascinator with black Russian blusher veil. This piece is made to order only.

This Noir Petals and butterflies headpiece is one of a kind and not only for weddings, but you can wear them to any special occasions in your life.

I love the color and fabric combination on this Fiber art headband with beautiful bronze butterfly filigree in the center, which you can use any time really.

And last, but not least this unique earrings are the sample of a mix media jewelry line of mine.


21 July 2010

Wedding ideas with silver

Today I would like to show you some ideas if you are thinking of silver and white colors for your wedding. For more details, please click on the images.
This bridal headpiece is made with silver netting and silver wire mesh ribbons mixed with white organza and beautiful textured glass beads.

Beautiful vintage bar link chain necklace with handmade taffeta flowers and Swarovski crystals.

And don't forget the earrings. Pretty ivory freshwater pearls with sterling silver Swarovski crystal embellished flowers and ear hooks.

This little flowers would look great for bridesmaids or flower girl.

This Swarovski crystal earrings could make a perfect bridesmaid's gift.


20 July 2010

My creative space

Today I felt like sewing, as I haven't used my sewing machine for a long time, it was quite nice to use it again :)
I had a special design in my mind, here is the finish one of a kind cuff bracelet I call it Pink whisper, as it's beautiful soft and perfectly fit on your wrist.
First I was sewing the ribbons and yarns on the taffeta/organza ribbon.

My work place is with future designs waiting to be made...

I hand sewn the tiny little glass beads and sequins on the bracelet.

...some close up shots, but still can1t give back the real beauty of this piece...

Can be worn as a choker, look so feminine and romantic!


16 July 2010

Beautiful Brides from real weddings

For a long time I wanted to write this post. This will be a series of mine to show you real Beautiful Brides, some of my customers who was so sweet to send me some photos of their wedding wearing my designs.
First I would like to show Maureen from Phoenix, Arizona.
They look so beautiful!
She is wearing my Purple Lover hair flowers and a pair of freshwater pearl earrings.

I love her hair, so pretty!

This photo is one of my favorite, as it's showing her beautifully detailed wedding dress too!

The lariat necklace was especially designed by me for her bridesmaids halterneck dress.
The earrings are made of with Swarovski crystals and silver wire.

The flower girl halo was a custom order too and just so cute on her!!

I love, love this photo!! Beautiful!!!

Thank you so much Maureen!!

14 July 2010

My creative space

I was waiting for my supplies to arrive for the last two weeks, and I am so happy today I received them. I made some earrings a few months ago with vintage French rhinestones, but I wasn't happy with them, as they are set in a gold tone metal and I put them on brass ear wires before.

I made this earrings to remind me of Paris. I love France so much!!
They are already available in my Etsy shop.

I love this earrings so much! I have something similar in the 80's - 90's.

I haven't listed these earrings in my shop yet, but I will tomorrow morning.

08 July 2010

My creative space

Today the weather wasn't too good, so we decided to stay indoors. I wanted to play with my polymer clay for a long time, and I had a special project in my mind...

...but as always, I found one of my rhinestone supply bag and I started to create all this one of a kind things, what I will use on bobby pins, rings and earrings. Lots of sparkle and glitter :)

Gigi like watching me working and she wanted to play with her Play Doh too. She is such a little artist!!

Gigi was asking me to show her how I make my roses...I shown her step by step and she did so well! Here is her 1st rose :)
I used all kind of different color laser glitters and glass rhinestones, what I bought long time ago. I love how every each of them are unique, not one the same.

One of the great things of being hand sculpted!
Here is a one of the final piece, after I baked them in the oven and sealed them with special glaze. You can found this rose ring in my Etsy shop.

One of my favorite piece, I love the lavender glass rhinestone in this ring!

04 July 2010

Laura's order - Part 1

I got an order from Laura last week, who lives and create beautiful hats in Canada.
Can't wait to see her newly designed hats with my flowers.

Will show you next time with a link to her website.