30 May 2010

Thank you Bethany Joy Galeotti!

Just been contacted by someone on Etsy, if I seen the post about my bird ring on Bethany Joy Galeotti's blog, from One Tree Hill.

I am so happy and honoured about reading Joy mentioning me on her blog!

-Thank you Joy, it was really nice of you :)

As a special thanks from me, I will sending her something nice from my shop on Monday.

And I will give her blog readers a 10% off from their purchase in my Etsy shop, if they mention Joy name at the checkout. I will refund them via PayPal.


15 May 2010

Weekly Happy Stats #1

I just been reading the Weekly Happy Stats...which made me to write my own one too :)
1 - ...
...oh no, just realised nothing made me happy this week. Thinking back I had a bad week...
1 - On Tuesday my five years old daughter had a head injury in the kindergarten (still blue around her eye and her head).
2 -My two orders haven't arrived yet (I think one gone missing as I purchased it 2 months ago).
3 - My husband gone back to England.
4 - Got soaking wet in the storm while I was walking to the post office.

...but after all this... I may say:

I am still happy because it could of been worst!! :D

So, I start again:
1 - I have spent more time with my daughter, because she stayed home with me the rest of the week. She gave me lots of cuddles and said : "You are the best Mum in the World!"
2 - My order still could arrive next week. Maybe just got hold up somewhere in the ash delays.
3 - After the storm we saw a lovely rainbow in the sky with my kids.
4 - I made some beautiful flowers, here is one of themLink

10 May 2010

My creative space it is, I show you what I was writing about in my twitter page yesterday.
I was thinking of this design for quite a while now. Last week I bought some delicious colours satin ribbons and I thought this purple ones will just fit to create my new statement necklace.

First I choose the apple/lime green organza as a base colour and hand cut and singed lots of little petals for the flowers. I found some gorgeous ribbons in my supply box.

I selected some metal filigree, rhinestones, glass beads, mother of pearl bead and some sweet vintage style buttons.

After a long-long hand sewing (10-11 hours all together), I finished this statement necklace today.

This necklace will be such an eye catching piece on someone!!

I loved mixing the rich colour fabrics, ribbons and tulle together.

The sequin details with the glass beads just fit in perfectly with the sweet handmade flowers.
I used double ivory satin ribbons to tie the necklace for a desired length.

Love the purple, lilac and green colours together.

For the perfect smooth back finish, I hand sewn some satin fabric, and signed/dated it by hand.
Just like my paintings, this is a fiber art and deserved to be signed by me.

You can find this One Of A Kind Statement necklace for sale in my Etsy shop.

08 May 2010

So today is Saturday...

...which is good, I love when my son and daughter is home with me. No school and kindergarten today and my husband is home too.
The kids woke up early this morning and my husband let me sleep a bit longer, which was really nice of him. I am always going to bed late, because I am updating my shops, after my kids and my husband gone to bed.
This morning, while I was having my coffee, I was reading a Waitrose newspaper (I've picked up in Bluewater, England), and I found this article of Harry Hill. I love him so much, he is such a funny guy, and even love him more after reading this article of him. And because I don't feel like to make any flowers today, I decided to make some fresh cookies.
I checked the cupboard, and I had the right amount of peanuts, so I was asking my little daughter if she want to help me to make the cookies...the answer was "YESSS!!"

Gigi was helping measuring out the ingredients and my husband was stirring the son Edward was getting ready to eat them :)

The cookies turned out absolutely delicious, thank you Waitrose and Harry for the recipe!

Soon lunch time come, and we bought a lovely fresh asparagus in my supermarket last Wednesday. I wanted to steam them up with butter and have them on bread rolls. But I felt like try something new today, so I Googled an easy recipes up and I found this "Prosciutto wrapped asparagus" and I thought I will try them with bacon and some soft cheese, as I only had them in my fridge.

I wrapped the bacon with some some cheese around the asparagus

and warmed up some ready made bread rolls in the oven while I fried the asparagus in the grill frying pan.

My husband, the kids and me loved our lunch and I will make some for dinner too, but this time I will make some roasted potatoes with it.

Here is the recipe for the peanut cookies.

04 May 2010

Preview of my Spring/Summer Collection

In the last few days I have been designing new flowers for my Spring/Summer Collection.
Here is a preview what I made so far, you can find some of them in my Etsy shop.
First I made this sweet little cocktail hat with pink taffeta butterflies. I will show you more hat tomorrow...
I love this photo so much! I think Kerrin's beautiful mosaic looks really nice with my spring blossom! I created this flower from a repurposed fabric with beautiful pink roses on it with some lime green and pink diamond organza.

One of my new Dancing in the Air earrings, I made from lime green and ivory color diamond organza.
When I am thinking of Spring/Summer flowers, the first thing is come to my mind is red Poppies! Love them so much...they are so simple, soft and fragile flowers.

and the last flowers I show you today are the wild rose and apple blossoms...

I hope you are enjoyed looking around in my flower garden.

02 May 2010

Reflection on my day

Today I spent half of a day outside in our garden with my daughter, son and my husband. It was such a beautiful warm day and we had a lunch outside.
I took this photo of the sky, 'cause I love how the rays of sunshine come through the clouds...
This picture is a reflection of my day, every time I am looking at it, make me calm and relaxed...
Doesn't matter how many clouds on the sky, the sun will shine through.
Just like in life, doesn't matter how many problem someone have, it's always a hope to everything will be ok...