08 April 2011

100 facts About Me

1) I'm Hungarian.I speak fluently in English,but not as good as I really want it. I'm constantly unsure if I say it right.

2) My husband is British. We met in Hungary and lived in England for 11 years.

3) We moved to Hungary a few years ago to give our kids a longer childhood.

4) I have been married for 15 years

5) I have a 14 year old son and a 6 year old daughter.

6) I do believe everything is happening for a reason.

7) I’m a romantic person, love watching romantic films. One of my favorite film is: Enchanted from Disney.

 8) I was always wishing to be taller when I was young. I am only 5 foot …I got use to it now.

9) I have a reading glasses,but I don’t like to wear it. Actually I wear it tonight,as my eyes hurts so much.

10) Don’t have time to read books anymore, but I love reading on the internet.

11) When I got married, I couldn’t cook. I learned from myself and from my friends and it's become one of my passion.

12) I was addicted to Coca Cola, but I haven’t had any for nearly a year now.

13) I don’t have any tattoos and I will never have one.

14) I used to eat sand when I was a child. I still remember the taste of it…it tasted like a sunshine.

15) When I was young and single I have been in many places and countries. Loved it!

16) I love stepping on a dry crunchy leaf, love to hear the noise of it.

17) One of my dream is to live near the Sea.

18) I love watching the Sea.

19) I miss watching the Sea.

20) Little things can make me happy in life.

 21) I love Spring, because reminds me of new beginnings in life.

22) I love Summer, because my kids are home with me all day long.

23) I love Autumn, because of the beautiful colours of the leaves.

24) I love Winter when it’s snowing, everything looks so magical…

25- The last few years I don’t like it when someone taking photo of me.

26) One of my passion is taking photos around me. I take approx. 100 picture a day, usually from my work.

27) I swear lots when I am angry.

28) Most of the time so hard to make me angry, other times one look is enough…

29) I love learning things.

30) Art is my life. Every day I NEED to create something.

31) Most of the times I wish I was born English. I could speak and write better in English.

32) I can see better with my heart…

33) I love following my heart...but it's not always a good way...

34) I am scared of frogs. My mum told me, when I was a few months old baby I was laying in the garden and a frog jumped on my face, she didn’t took it off, because she was scared of it too. So she waited until the frog jumped off my face…

35) Before I met my husband I lived in France for over a year, I loved it! But I only can say a few word in French.

36) When I lived in France and visited my French friend’s family, they heard I am scared of frogs… so they surprised me and cook some frog legs for lunch. I thought they are small chicken drums, so I had a bite and after I swallowed it they told me what I just had… I was so close to throw up on the dining table… and was sick for days

37) My parents divorced when I was 16 years old, after a really bad marriage. I wish they divorced much earlier…

38) I am addicted to the internet, especially Twitter.

39) I have my iPod next to my bed and I wake up several times during the night to check if I got any emails.

40) Love seafood, and I miss it so much.

41) I used to sleep well,but now I’m scared going to bed and sleep. I have stress attacks at night, can't breathe.

42) I try to learn Japanese by myself from books and from my iPod apps.

43) one of my dream is to visit Japan when the sakura blossoms in spring time.

44) Sometimes I do wonder,what would had happened if I don’t meet my husband… but then I feel bad to even think such a things like that, because I would not have two lovely children.

45) I had a postnatal depression after my son was born. I denied it for years...I felt lonely.

46) I still feel lonely.

47) I believe in after life in some way.Our soul can't die just like that. It come from somewhere and will go somewhere...

48) One of my saddest moment was in my life, when i had to say goodbye to my father in law on the phone and explain to my kids why they have to say bye to husband was in the UK with his father in the hospital. Just thinking of it made me cry again...

49) I am worried too much about things, what I can't change.

50) I have only one mug of coffee a day after my breakfast cereal in the morning. I like to be alone while I am drinking my coffee in the morning. This few minutes get me ready for a day.

51) When I was 17, I was sending myself a parcel, because I liked the boy who was deliver it.

52) I don’t like when people are walking in our house with their shoes on. I like keep my floor clean.

53) I am washing my hands far too much in the day. Especially while I am cooking.

54) I hate touching raw meat when i am cooking,I always wear disposable rubber gloves while I am cutting or washing a meat.

55) I am taking step by step photos of my recipes and when I'll have some time, I want to write a cookbook for my kids.

56) My kids always come first in my life. I would do anything for them.

57) Not one day goes by to tell my kids, how much I love them!

58) If I shout with my kids in a day,I feel so bad at night when I see them asleep while I put their blankets back on them.

59) I used to pray at night before I went to sleep. Not a real pray, just a custom made own pray. I am not doing it anymore, maybe I should.

60) I have more friends on the internet, than in real life.

61) While I'm writing all this facts about myself,making me know myself think. Definitely making me feel better

62) My mum always told me, not to play with the fire, because I will wet my bed at night. I am burning the fabric petals every day for my flowers with a candle and I have never wet my bed yet...

63) I had many jobs in my life. Actually I learnt to be a shoe designer/maker. The reason was, I couldn't get in the art school when I was 14, so I had to learn something. But even I wasn't that interested to make shoes, I was still the best with one other girl in our class. She still makes shoes...

64) Since I remember, I always wanted to be an artist. I would love to have my own exhibition one day of my paintings only.

65) I have a painting in my Etsy shop (The Mysterious Moon),what I have priced at stupid high, because I don't really want to sell it, but if someone willing to pay that much for it, it would mean he or she would love it as much I do. I think I would hand deliver it, to make sure it will arrive in a perfect condition.

66) Every time I paint a painting, I feel like I have a bit of my soul inside. Every time I sell a painting I am crying, and feel sad to say bye to it...

67) I love sculpting too, but I haven't got a space to work with clay. It could be really messy.

68) I believe: What does not kill us will make us stronger.

69) I was working in a flower shop once. Loved working with fresh flowers, but I was hating when I had to take orders for a funerals and see the cried out eyes, so I left.

70) I was working as a barmaid once in my sister boyfriend's nightclub. Was fun, that when I met my husband.

71) I hate cigarette smoke, but I was smoking when I was working in the nightclub. Smoking helped me to bear other peoples smoke. Since I left that job, I don't smoke anymore.

72) I have a very sensitive nose. I am really good at sensing smells.

73) I hate my short hair right now, can't wait when it's grow long again.

74) I don't like smiling, I have a crooked teeth on top. I wanted them fixed when I was in my 20's, but the dentist said I am too old for it now. Maybe I should ask someone else? I would love to have nice straight teeth.

75) I do believe in telepathy. I have a sense of feel when someone who close to my heart is thinking about me.

76) My star sign is Lion. I was a true Lion, but now I feel, I am more like a house cat.

77) At my 1st pregnancy (with my son) when I was 27 years old, I couldn't understand what is going on in my body, I don't mean biologically. I was so scared of everything. I wish I had someone to talk about it, I felt alone in the UK. I wish I had skype then and I could talk to my sisters every day.

78) I truly enjoyed being pregnant with my 2nd child (my little daughter). I know what to expect. I loved the feeling of a little life in my body...I miss being pregnant sometimes.

79) I am always taking a full responsibility for my actions, but I hate when someone blaming me for something what I haven't done.

80) My husband and me know each other so much, sometimes we have an argument without saying any word...

81) When I was 19, my boss was asking me to be a manager of the cake shop, but I turned her down. I am still regretting my decision. But how I always say, everything is happening for a reason.

82) My best ever personal possession is my iPod Touch. Bit annoyed with the fact, after a few months of buying it, Apple bought out the new iPod with the camera. I so want one.

83) I am too critical to myself. I am thinking for long before I do something. But after I made my decision is no way back.

84) I love this quote from Kung Fu Panda: "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, and that is why it's called the present"

85) Every time my kids away from me in school,I'm so worried they will be hurt or have an accident.I try to think positive,but the fear is always in me...

86) I used to be scared of driving after I've passed my test in Hungary. I had to take a driving test again in the UK by law (was no EU that time) and I am so grateful to my driving instructor who teach me and gave me a confidence and her knowledge...I love driving now.

87) I don't do politics.I don't understand or maybe I don't want to understand.But I'm constantly reading the news what happening in the World.

88) I accept, need and appreciate criticism from people who love me truly for who I am, but I can't bare it when someone criticising my work only to try break my wings to make me fly no more.

89) Looking back in my life,I have no regrets.I am thankful for people and events (even for bad ones) to make me a person who I am now.

90) I love walking when I take and bring home my daughter from kindergarten.These walks help me to clear my head and help me to think.

91) I do believe in angels...they are out there to look after us, you just need to open your heart and they can find you.

92) I always wonder what I am going to do with my life.

93) I like painting at night alone,when everyone asleep.I feel refreshed after,better than sleeping.

94) I am so thankful for the people who supporting my art and buying them. Without them, I couldn't do what makes me happy in life.

95) Usually I work on my online shops and creations 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week, it's not a complain,it's a fact.

96) I am not much a celebrity follower.I can have a long conversation with someone and I still would not know who they are.I always looking at the person inside, not what they are famous for.

97) I never forget the feeling,when straight after my daughter's birth,the nurse put my little girl on my of the best feeling I have ever experienced.

98) My husband promised me,if I would get an invite from to show how I make my flowers in her craft channel,he would let me go alone to the US for a few weeks. That will never happen, because I think Martha is not featuring artists/crafters outside the US.

99) I have a fear of heights, but I would love to go up on the Eiffel tower and look at Paris and take some photos.

100) As my friend said in his list, it must be my OCD that is making me finish this list of 100 totally useless facts about myself.

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Jen @ The Itty Bitty Bag Company said...

Wow! You spent so much time telling everyone about you. You really opened up and spoke deeply from your heart. Sometimes as an adult we feel things that we experienced as a child but buried deep inside. It may help to talk to someone so that you can rid your stress and panic. I wish you well. A fellow twitter addict, Jen