10 April 2011

Mothers day

Last Sunday was Mother's day.
Gigi and Edward gave me their surprise in the morning what they have made a night before.

Gigi's little card, handmade by her. I love how she always put little hearts on top of her name.

She wrapped up some of her little stuff as a present for me in a tissue I know where is all that Kleenex gone.

Poor little darling, she had a cold.

Edward made me this card with a reflecting paper inside like a mirror.
I am so happy to have such a kids like them to make a day special for me.

I don't need to say, I was in tears...


learn oil painting said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Anonymous said...

Yeah shame you are stopping your Husband seeing them, maybe the little girl would like too hold her Daddy,

l'actrice said...

You have wonderful kids. Edward is a young man almost and Gigi is such a pretty girl. Jessie is a very nice addition to your kids! Happy May Marianna:-)