03 November 2008

My new Cristmas line jewellery.

I am so busy designing and making my new Christmas line jewellery. I have too many idea, but not enough time in a day. It's midnight again, and I am so tired. But I like to show you what I made so far.
You can find some of them already listed in my Etsy shop.
Here they are...

I used Swarovski Vitrail crystals, Tibetan silver and silver components with a hint of organza ribbon for a bookmark.

I love the Bookmark, because could be a lovely present for someone who loves reading. And is such an unusual idea to get bookmark as a present. With a sweet Angel wing charm, perfect for the Bible!

Falling stars at Christmas -Earrings

Silver wire wrapped with Tibetan Gold
metal stars on Silver French earhooks.

And my
I made from Organza and Freshwater
Pearl with silver wire stamen.

26 October 2008

Nothing better than cooking with the kids :)

Yesterday we made a White chocolate button mini cakes. That was so much fun, we will make one again today, but this time we making a Princess mini cakes.
While Edward was holding the bowl, Gigi was stirring the mixture.

After the kids decorated the cakes.

Yummy :p

25 October 2008

My son and the Origami stars.

Since my son Edward learned how he can make the Origami Peace Crane. He made lots of them. I use to buy lots of origami paper for him.

But today I had an idea, to use an old newspaper. We was searching all morning on the internet how he can make an Origami Star. We learned it and it was so nice to spend some time together. While my little daughter was cutting some old paper up too. She love cutting things :)

I was asking Edward what we should do with all this stars. And he had an idea to make a mobile out of it and sell them on Etsy! You see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :)

Here is a photo from the good ones we made!

20 October 2008

Here is my newly designed ring :)

I been making this ring all afternoon. It is made of silver wire, black organza and grey freshwater pearl. My new design name is "The little black flower". As the little black dress, this ring is good for every occasion too!
Look so fragile and so romantic.

You can purchase this One Of A Kind ring in my Etsy shop.

18 October 2008

My new recipe.

Art is so important in my life,
but I do love looking after my family
and cook them every night freshly made dinner.
Yesterday been shopping and bought some
fresh mushrooms.

They are one of my favorite vegetables. I stuffed them with
Philadelphia soft cheese and put some Hungarian smoked sausage on the top.

Put them in the oven with the salty potatoes.

This photo is from the dished up dinner.
Actually this is my son's plate :)

11 October 2008

"The Sunrise Fairy" was born

After a long time I started sculpting again using Polymer clay. I was working on my new creation for three days now, her name is "The Sunrise Fairy". She is only tiny fairy, approx. 2 1/2 inches.
If you like to give her a nice new home, you can visit my ZIBBET shop, where you can purchase this little darling.