17 June 2010

My creative space

I am working on my new lariat necklace design, which you can find in my Etsy shop soon. I love the mixture of the brass and the organza fabric.
While I am designing, my little daughter Gigi is painting a nice picture :)

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Happy Thursday!

05 June 2010

My day in pictures

This rainbow flower is a reflection on my day:
After weeks of bad weather, finally this morning was sunny and warm, so I decided to mow the lawn in our back garden, as my husband still in the UK. But my son was asking me if he can do it...and I said "I don't mind!" ;D
Edward done an excellent job, so I decided to bake them a chocolate cake after lunch...

... I made lots of tiny chocolate fairy cakes...oh yummy :)

Afternoon I had some time to make few new flowers. I try to list this one in my Etsy shop tonight.

I made this gorgeous and simple headband from upcycled camouflage denim.
You will find this soon in my new eco Etsy shop.

I wasn't sure what should I make for lunch today, so I tweeted the question and one of my sweet friend Nat from MaxiTendance sent me a Salad Nicoise recipe to try.
To tell you the truth, when the first time I read it, it sounded like too much work to make, as I only had it in restaurants before. But I read the ingredients, and I nearly had all of them, so I decided to make it for dinner for my kids and me.

And I am so happy I did, as it was delicious and my kids was really looking forward to eat it!!
Thank you Nat so much!

xo Marianna

04 June 2010

Look what I've got in the mail...

Look what I've got in the mail on last Monday :)
I love my sweet flower buttons so much, they look so adorable!
My little daughter Gigi took the white flower one already, she loves the tiny dandelions in it.
You can find more beautiful pinback buttons in Solvita's shop