19 October 2009

Monday Moodboard 19.10.2009.

Here is some of my favorites from my team the European Street Team from Etsy.

PURPLE MIST-2 cobweb lace felt thin scarf by manonknits
Mon Cherie - White Hand Felted Drawstring Bag by Crafts2Cherish
Romantic flower garland by ingermaaike
Sweet fruits mixed materials necklace by fleurfatale

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12 October 2009

Monday Moodboard

Here is some of my favorites from my team the European Street Team from Etsy.

Fairy Tree - Painted Fabric Journal by Kreativlink
Steampunk Cuff Watch by Aranwen
Athenea - Necklace by LeelaBijou
Blossom - Art postcard by matilou

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05 October 2009

Monday Moodboard

Here is my 1st Monday Moodboard. I have featured some of my favorites from my team the European Street Team from Etsy.

Golden sunset - long necklace by glasfaden
Lilac sparkle - fused glass ring by carmenesque
Segment Earrings by lilarubyking
Pomegranate Leather Bag by iragrant

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05 September 2009

My latest custom order on Etsy

I do love custom orders, as give me new colour & design ideas. And I love the challenge and the opportunity to bring my customers ideas a live.

First always starting with a few conversation messages via Etsy.
Sometimes I receive photos from the dress.
It's help me to create a more suitable flower for the occasion.
Here is the photo of the wedding dress I have received for my latest order.

After a thoughtful consideration, I send the links for the design, if I haven't been advised by my customers what design they like to have...

...and for the colours choice, I send some links from my existing listings...I was thinking of this colour for the silver petals...

...for the ivory, the middle petals on this flowers...
...for the gold I think this taffeta would be the best...

...and I will put a hint of soft pink like this one...

...but I wasn't sure about the gold taffeta, and I made some gold organza petals too...
...I have the fabrics ready for cutting the petals out by hand and singe it after one by one...

...usually I make one or two design to choose from, here they are...

...after my customer, Ashley chooses the second design with the gold organza, I made a customer listing for her...

If you would like to order a custom piece, please send me a message via my shops, Etsy, Zibbet, DaWanda and ArtFire.

11 August 2009

Step by Step Recipe - Cherry Pie

I have so many recipes like this with step by step photos. I made them, because one day I like to make a cook book of my recipes, what I have been collected and made over the years. And one day hopefully will help my children to learn to cook.
I learned this recipe from my brother's wife. Thank you Angie :)
The whole recipe concept is to use the soured cream pot for measuring out the rest of the ingredients.
You will need: -1 pot of soured cream, -2 pot of flour, -1 pot of sugar, -1/2 pot of olive oil (you can use sunflower oil too), -1 sachet of Vanilla Sugar, -1 sachet of Baking Powder, -3 whole eggs, -pinch of salt, -pitted cherry (or you can use peach, plum), -baking paper.
First turn the oven on to 180 Celsius. Put the 1 pot of soured cream in a bowl...

...measure 2 pot of flour and pour it on the soured cream...

...and add 1 pot of sugar to them... 1/2 pot of olive oil (might sound a lot, but it will be not greasy at all)...

...add 1 sachet of Vanilla Sugar...

...and 1 sachet of Baking Powder...

...and last add 3 whole eggs. Mix it all together with a whisk.

I defrosted my hand pitted cherry from the freezer, what my husband and children picked from the cherry tree earlier this year.

Pour the mixture on to the baking try covered with baking paper...

...and level it out with a spoon...

...put the cherry on it and...

...sprinkle some sugar on them. That makes it nice and crispy top when baked.

Put it in the oven and bake it for 15-20 minutes, until golden brown.

Let it cool down and slice it up and enjoy :)
PS.: If you can't buy Vanilla Sugar and Baking Powder in sachet in your country. I can send you 5 sachet of Vanilla Sugar and 5 sachet of Baking Powder for $8.00, this price is including the shipping with Registered Priority Mail to Worldwide. Just contact me and I send you my PayPal address.

Today's picnic

Last Friday I had to post my Etsy orders and it was too late to go back home and have a lunch.
I had a great idea to have a picnic near our local village shop, in the Castle park.
The kids loved my idea, because they love having picnic and I will spend more time with them.

Here is where we had a picnic last Friday, but I was a bit more organized this time...took my camera with me :)

After we posted my Etsy orders we walked to the small grocery shop and bought some bread rolls called "kifli" in Hungarian (my favorite, I missed it so much when we was living in the UK) and some salami. You can see them on the mat.

They are both happy and content after we had some lunch...

My little girl Gigi, took a camera from me and took a picture of Edward and myself :)

When we walked back home I took a photos and just realised how far is the Castle...I put a little red rectangle top of Edward's head. There we have been. No wonder Gigi was tired :)

This field is behind our back garden.

I have really enjoyed a time together...

04 July 2009

My creative workspace - Vol.1.

I have been asked so many times to write and show a bit about how I create things.

First of all, one thing you need to know about me. I love buying all kind of supplies, most of the time I have no idea what I can do with them. But I have to have them, because of their colours or textures...I know, I know...I shouldn't do things like that, but I just love materials what looks nice!
I just started using my glass beads, what I bought from the former Czech Republic back in 1985 :)
This is one of my box, full with polymer clay, tools, mohair (I made a few OOAK Fairy) and all kind of laser powders...etc.

I wanted to use these laser powders for so long now, and two weeks ago I had an idea to make some pendants and beads.
First I mixed the glitter in the clay...

While I am playing around with the clay, my little daughter accessorizing! Talking about "The apple does not fall far from the tree" :D

...and I hand sculpted a rose, some hearts and some beads.

After baking them in the oven, I sealed them with a sealant for a glossy sheen.
With silver wire and some Swarovski Crystals, I made pendants from them...
...and today was the day, when I had the idea how can I make a necklace from them.
Here are the finished pieces...
You can find this necklace exclusive to DaWanda.
You can find this Exclusive to Etsy.

I was quite busy today, because I made my first Cherry jam too. I will blog about this tomorrow :)
Going to bed now, it's already 02.22am here in Hungary.

21 May 2009

Etsy Flowers and Gardening item poll

This item of mine has been selected for the Etsy Flowers and Gardening item poll on the Storque. You can check out the poll here and vote for my work if you like it :)

Thank you for your supports, my creation is ended on the 4th place! I am really happy for so many people like my work and voted for it!

20 May 2009

I am really honoured that ZIBBET used one of my flower creation on their banners!

Since I opened up my shop on ZIBBET in March this year, I felt really welcomed as a seller! They asked me to be a Featured ZIBBETER after a couple of weeks. They found me on Twitter and this is how I found out about this great Australian based Handmade site. I love their site concept, artists can list artworks without the upfront cost. And it's really compelling to me, as I am always creating something, and I already have over 240 items on my Etsy store since July last year. When I create something, it's usually not sold in the next few of days/weeks/months. And sometimes when I am experimenting with my new ideas, it's hard to know people will like it or not.

I really believe great artists need a freedom to create things without thinking that item would sell or not. Sometimes I am unsure if I should list my new piece. And I find when I am not pressured to make saleable items, this is when I create the best things ever, what people will love enough and purchase them.
And ZIBBET gives me this freedom of listing without the extra cost.

From the buyers point of view, it's a great Handmade site, because they will find undiscovered artist around the world, who was worried to open up a shop, because the upfront cost. As everyone knows, artist are spending most of their money on new supplies. I know, I am always looking for new supplies. Driving my husband mad about it, he always asking why I buy more organza, when I have 40-50 colours shades already :)
Not talking about glass beads, findings, canvas, paint, Swarovski crystals...etc.

I know ZIBBET is still a new site, as only launched beginning of this year. But I am sure ZIBBET will grow and it's nice to be there with them and being involved.
That's why I am feeling so honoured when they asked me if they can use one of my Flower Creation on their promotional Banners!
If you like to register free as a buyer, please click on this banner and will take you to ZIBBET.

If you like to register as a seller, please click on this banner and will take you to ZIBBET.

I hope you will have as much good experience as I do!
Good luck!


19 May 2009

I have completed Holly's decor8 BYW e-course

I am so proud to complete Holly's decor8 Blog Your Way e-Course. The course finished two weeks ago, but I am still logged in tonight to listen the podcast for once more.
I learned lots from this course, and I am still progressing. I have changed my whole blog layout and design. I couldn't done this without Holly and my Creative Post-Its team's help.
I like to share with you my team members blogs.
Katie from
Heather from
Elle from
Bonny from
Chantal from

Thank you girls for all your help.

And I like to say a big thank you to you Holly to make this happen!!
Keep in touch,

15 May 2009

Family day out to the Swan Lake...'s not really called Swan Lake. Only I like to call it like that, because every time we go there we see swans.
The real name is Lake Velence.

I love this close up photo, so beautiful!

I was wearing my newly designed hair pin. You can find it in my shops.
Don't worry I am not selling this one in my hair, as it's mine.
I will make you a new one :)

My husband and my kids enjoyed the day so much!

My little daughter and me. She still need to learn about feminine posing :)
My son and my little girl front of a traditional roofing. Whick was on the ground, as it's collapsed over the winter.
We like to go there again over the weekend.