01 January 2011

The last minute Christmas presents.

 My little daughter Gigi loves writing and drawing, as any 6 yrs old. I thought I will make her a mini journal for Christmas. I had some pretty embroided pink rose ribbon with gold details, I used it as a book cover and for the in liner I sew an apple green satin ribbon. For the pages I hand cut some watercolor paper.

I loved making the journal so much, I made some for sale in my Etsy shop too.

Gigi told me the night before Christmas she would love to have a ballerina shoes. While she and my husband was baking a mince pie, I started working on her last minute present.
She loves making the pastry for the pie :)

Here it is, first I started sewing the top of her shoes. I've used her old silk pyjamas and a grown out white t-shirt.

The sole of the shoes made from my son's old jeans and my daughter old t-shirt. Here I am sewing the sole and the top together. While I was wondering if the size will fit her or not...

The little ballerina shoes are finished, I only need to sew some ribbon on the back of the shoes to hold a long pink satin ribbon tie.

Next morning Gigi and Edward are opening up their Christmas presents.

The shoes are just fit on her cute little feet :) Here comes a big cuddle from big brother.
Love this photo so much!!