19 May 2009

I have completed Holly's decor8 BYW e-course

I am so proud to complete Holly's decor8 Blog Your Way e-Course. The course finished two weeks ago, but I am still logged in tonight to listen the podcast for once more.
I learned lots from this course, and I am still progressing. I have changed my whole blog layout and design. I couldn't done this without Holly and my Creative Post-Its team's help.
I like to share with you my team members blogs.
Katie from
Heather from
Elle from
Bonny from
Chantal from

Thank you girls for all your help.

And I like to say a big thank you to you Holly to make this happen!!
Keep in touch,


Elle said...

Your blog looks fantastic. I really like the changes you made. Thanks for featuring my blog.

Steffi said...

Wow, your blog is completely new! Looks great and fresh! I like it very much like that.

Thanks so much for featuring Blaubeermund :-)