15 May 2009

Family day out to the Swan Lake...'s not really called Swan Lake. Only I like to call it like that, because every time we go there we see swans.
The real name is Lake Velence.

I love this close up photo, so beautiful!

I was wearing my newly designed hair pin. You can find it in my shops.
Don't worry I am not selling this one in my hair, as it's mine.
I will make you a new one :)

My husband and my kids enjoyed the day so much!

My little daughter and me. She still need to learn about feminine posing :)
My son and my little girl front of a traditional roofing. Whick was on the ground, as it's collapsed over the winter.
We like to go there again over the weekend.


ira said...

I can see you are all having a good time together Marianna!:)

Dina Fragola said...

Before I read the text I thought you and your kids had climbed on a roof :)
Lovely new hairflowers and pretty new blog layout too!

l'actrice said...

What a wonderful family trip to the Swan Lake:-) Glad to see you all so happy! Really hope Edward is better soon. Say hello to him:-)

Kreativlink said...

Love the posing photo! :)

Brooke Everett of be in red said...

Your daughter is so cute trying to imitate her mommy.

ModernMom said...

Thought I would leave a quick comment! Love you hair pieces and your pics are too cute!
Lovely blog!