11 August 2009

Today's picnic

Last Friday I had to post my Etsy orders and it was too late to go back home and have a lunch.
I had a great idea to have a picnic near our local village shop, in the Castle park.
The kids loved my idea, because they love having picnic and I will spend more time with them.

Here is where we had a picnic last Friday, but I was a bit more organized this time...took my camera with me :)

After we posted my Etsy orders we walked to the small grocery shop and bought some bread rolls called "kifli" in Hungarian (my favorite, I missed it so much when we was living in the UK) and some salami. You can see them on the mat.

They are both happy and content after we had some lunch...

My little girl Gigi, took a camera from me and took a picture of Edward and myself :)

When we walked back home I took a photos and just realised how far is the Castle...I put a little red rectangle top of Edward's head. There we have been. No wonder Gigi was tired :)

This field is behind our back garden.

I have really enjoyed a time together...


GrandmaMarilyns said...

Looks like a wonderful time. Great looking kids.

Kreativlink said...

What a lovely family you are! And so much green around you there, beautiful.

l'actrice said...

It's wonderful to seen you all together this way. You are having such a good time. One can really feel it. Your kids are fantastic, Marianna!