20 May 2009

I am really honoured that ZIBBET used one of my flower creation on their banners!

Since I opened up my shop on ZIBBET in March this year, I felt really welcomed as a seller! They asked me to be a Featured ZIBBETER after a couple of weeks. They found me on Twitter and this is how I found out about this great Australian based Handmade site. I love their site concept, artists can list artworks without the upfront cost. And it's really compelling to me, as I am always creating something, and I already have over 240 items on my Etsy store since July last year. When I create something, it's usually not sold in the next few of days/weeks/months. And sometimes when I am experimenting with my new ideas, it's hard to know people will like it or not.

I really believe great artists need a freedom to create things without thinking that item would sell or not. Sometimes I am unsure if I should list my new piece. And I find when I am not pressured to make saleable items, this is when I create the best things ever, what people will love enough and purchase them.
And ZIBBET gives me this freedom of listing without the extra cost.

From the buyers point of view, it's a great Handmade site, because they will find undiscovered artist around the world, who was worried to open up a shop, because the upfront cost. As everyone knows, artist are spending most of their money on new supplies. I know, I am always looking for new supplies. Driving my husband mad about it, he always asking why I buy more organza, when I have 40-50 colours shades already :)
Not talking about glass beads, findings, canvas, paint, Swarovski crystals...etc.

I know ZIBBET is still a new site, as only launched beginning of this year. But I am sure ZIBBET will grow and it's nice to be there with them and being involved.
That's why I am feeling so honoured when they asked me if they can use one of my Flower Creation on their promotional Banners!
If you like to register free as a buyer, please click on this banner and will take you to ZIBBET.

If you like to register as a seller, please click on this banner and will take you to ZIBBET.

I hope you will have as much good experience as I do!
Good luck!



K @ Blog Goggles said...

I'll definitely check it out :)

mkamenska said...

I also try to sell my crocheted items on Zibbet :)
I like it very much and I hope I will have a sale there soon!

JaimeNicole said...

That's so cool. I've never heard of that site but it's neat that they chose your items.