15 May 2010

Weekly Happy Stats #1

I just been reading the Weekly Happy Stats...which made me to write my own one too :)
1 - ...
...oh no, just realised nothing made me happy this week. Thinking back I had a bad week...
1 - On Tuesday my five years old daughter had a head injury in the kindergarten (still blue around her eye and her head).
2 -My two orders haven't arrived yet (I think one gone missing as I purchased it 2 months ago).
3 - My husband gone back to England.
4 - Got soaking wet in the storm while I was walking to the post office.

...but after all this... I may say:

I am still happy because it could of been worst!! :D

So, I start again:
1 - I have spent more time with my daughter, because she stayed home with me the rest of the week. She gave me lots of cuddles and said : "You are the best Mum in the World!"
2 - My order still could arrive next week. Maybe just got hold up somewhere in the ash delays.
3 - After the storm we saw a lovely rainbow in the sky with my kids.
4 - I made some beautiful flowers, here is one of themLink


Amy Perrotti said...

That is a really beautiful flower. Hope next week is full of rainbows and not so full of storms. :)

Michelle said...

I love the Way you turn in to possitive!!!!

Kreativlink said...

Great way to look at it! :)

MelRoXx said...

fabulous flower!

My Owl Barn said...

I admire your optimism. Have a wonderful day!