10 May 2010

My creative space it is, I show you what I was writing about in my twitter page yesterday.
I was thinking of this design for quite a while now. Last week I bought some delicious colours satin ribbons and I thought this purple ones will just fit to create my new statement necklace.

First I choose the apple/lime green organza as a base colour and hand cut and singed lots of little petals for the flowers. I found some gorgeous ribbons in my supply box.

I selected some metal filigree, rhinestones, glass beads, mother of pearl bead and some sweet vintage style buttons.

After a long-long hand sewing (10-11 hours all together), I finished this statement necklace today.

This necklace will be such an eye catching piece on someone!!

I loved mixing the rich colour fabrics, ribbons and tulle together.

The sequin details with the glass beads just fit in perfectly with the sweet handmade flowers.
I used double ivory satin ribbons to tie the necklace for a desired length.

Love the purple, lilac and green colours together.

For the perfect smooth back finish, I hand sewn some satin fabric, and signed/dated it by hand.
Just like my paintings, this is a fiber art and deserved to be signed by me.

You can find this One Of A Kind Statement necklace for sale in my Etsy shop.


vadjutka said...

oooh and wow - this piece is truly amazing - I really admire it/you!

LabSpace said...

Stunning! 11 hours of sewing! Wow! Hats off to you Marianna!

ira said...

OMG what a fantastic work you do there MG, gosh you are a super patient lady my dear!:)

MGMart said...

Thank you girls!!
I haven't noticed how long I was working on it, because I enjoyed it so much to make it, and I did not wanted to put it away unfinished...So I started after breakfast on Sunday until I had to make some lunch and started again after lunch until I had to cook the dinner. I finished the back of it in the next morning and took the photos. Luckily my kids were entertained by their Dad, and most of the Sunday afternoon they was watching dvds. So I had plenty of time to create :)