04 May 2010

Preview of my Spring/Summer Collection

In the last few days I have been designing new flowers for my Spring/Summer Collection.
Here is a preview what I made so far, you can find some of them in my Etsy shop.
First I made this sweet little cocktail hat with pink taffeta butterflies. I will show you more hat tomorrow...
I love this photo so much! I think Kerrin's beautiful mosaic looks really nice with my spring blossom! I created this flower from a repurposed fabric with beautiful pink roses on it with some lime green and pink diamond organza.

One of my new Dancing in the Air earrings, I made from lime green and ivory color diamond organza.
When I am thinking of Spring/Summer flowers, the first thing is come to my mind is red Poppies! Love them so much...they are so simple, soft and fragile flowers.

and the last flowers I show you today are the wild rose and apple blossoms...

I hope you are enjoyed looking around in my flower garden.

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