19 January 2009

Here is the interview with me on the Etsy Wedding Team blog

I am a new member of the Etsy Wedding Team, and you can find an interview with me on our website.
It's a lovely site, recomended to everyone who like to get married in the near future, or someone who is invited in weddings as a guest. We have a lots of selected shops links to Etsy, to make shopping easier.
I hope you like the interview :)


Malene said...

Very nice interview! Pretty pictures too :-)

l'actrice said...

i think it's great that you are part of the Etsy Wedding Team. They did a great interview! Good luck, Marianna:-)

Sigmosaics said...

wonderful interview and congratulations!!

kim* said...

ilike your flowers they are so pretty. just saw you on the front page and hearted ya.

Nicole said...

Very nice interview - well thought out.