27 January 2009

This Week's EST Challenge Pieces for Something with Japanese Design

I have won the Etsy European Street Team weekly challenge yesterday - Art Nouveau.
I am the EST Challenge Queen for the whole week :) And I am really enjoying it!!!
Taken over the crown from Swie, my new theme is for this week for the EST Challenge: Something with Japanese design.
If you like to participate in this week's challenge, please convo me your entries on Etsy and I will display it here :)
Dateline is on 21.00pm on 02 February 2009, Monday.
Good luck everyone!!!
And here is the 1st entry from Kreativlink

The 2nd entry is from karuski

The 3rd entry from StudioBee


The 4th entry is from AgapeBridal


The 5th entry is from kraplap

The 6th entry is from swiedebie


The 7th entry is from staroftheeast


The 8th entry is from Sigmosaics


The 9th entry is from vadjutka


Kreativlink said...

Longe live the Queen! Congrats! :)
Love the new theme and will probably do my entry right today ...

Anonymous said...

Your Highness, you deserve this win.
Very beautiful theme, and look forward to all the beautiful entries!

MGMart said...

Oh, girls. I can leave with that comments :) I love being the Queen!! ;)

l'actrice said...

I'm so proud of you queen Marianna!

Amanda Yu said...

Congrats Marianne!
I like this theme :)

l'actrice said...

I'm so happy about your being the queen:-)
Great pices!

Sigmosaics said...

well done to you for being the queen!!

i'm finally entering a challenge! thanks for providing a great theme :D