06 December 2008

We had a great time back in the UK :)

Last month in the middle of November we gone back to the UK for a couple of weeks, to visit family and friends, and do some Christmas shopping :)
We had a great time, here is some photos...

My favorite Shopping Center, Bluewater. I miss it so much!!
Love the Christmas lights, they are so beautiful!

Having a refreshment in John Lewis between shopping with Julie, my sister in law :)

One of my best friend Miles and Gigi :)

We had a lovely evening meal with friends Rick, Annie and the kids.
I can't wait to see our friends again!
You can see me in the reflection of the window, I am a twinkle twinkle little star... :)

I took this photo in the Eurotunnel, between England and France.

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l'actrice said...

You must have had the time of your life! Seeing friends and family after a long time is wonderful!! The pictures look great! Thanks for sharing!