08 July 2010

My creative space

Today the weather wasn't too good, so we decided to stay indoors. I wanted to play with my polymer clay for a long time, and I had a special project in my mind...

...but as always, I found one of my rhinestone supply bag and I started to create all this one of a kind things, what I will use on bobby pins, rings and earrings. Lots of sparkle and glitter :)

Gigi like watching me working and she wanted to play with her Play Doh too. She is such a little artist!!

Gigi was asking me to show her how I make my roses...I shown her step by step and she did so well! Here is her 1st rose :)
I used all kind of different color laser glitters and glass rhinestones, what I bought long time ago. I love how every each of them are unique, not one the same.

One of the great things of being hand sculpted!
Here is a one of the final piece, after I baked them in the oven and sealed them with special glaze. You can found this rose ring in my Etsy shop.

One of my favorite piece, I love the lavender glass rhinestone in this ring!

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