18 October 2008

My new recipe.

Art is so important in my life,
but I do love looking after my family
and cook them every night freshly made dinner.
Yesterday been shopping and bought some
fresh mushrooms.

They are one of my favorite vegetables. I stuffed them with
Philadelphia soft cheese and put some Hungarian smoked sausage on the top.

Put them in the oven with the salty potatoes.

This photo is from the dished up dinner.
Actually this is my son's plate :)


Ravenhill said...

Oh, these mushrooms look and sound incredibly delicious! What a creative cook you are too!

Kreativlink said...

Yummy! Really looks good!

ingermaaike said...

that look very njummie!

MirthQuake said...

Hmmmm nice!!!
I really have to eat hehehe.

Oh btw: TAG you're it!!

l'actrice said...

Looks delicious! I'll follow up on on your cooking ideas! Iris