05 February 2011

Lunch and Apple Crumble

I did not wanted to write about our lunch today, but when I cut the red onion up and I saw the beautiful gradient colour of the onion looked so artistic. So I took a photos from it and I was in the mood by then to take a pictures of our lunch today what I made for my kids and me.

I made some toast with butter and caviar.
And put some of that lovely sweet chopped red onions on the top of the caviar.

We are drink every day fruit tea from our large fruit tea collection with our lunch. Today we had plum tea with a hint of cinnamon...oh that one taste so good!

I bought some Granny Smith apples and after lunch I made some apple crumble.
It's quite easy to make.

I sliced them up in an ovenproof dish and sprinkled some raisins on top.

For the pastry you need 2oz (60g) butter, 2oz (60g) sugar and 4oz (120g) flour. Or if you would like to make more, what you need to know, the flour is always the double amount of the butter and sugar.

Crumble them together and sprinkle over the sliced apple and raisin.

Bake it in the oven for 35-45 minutes in 150 Celsius.

I served it warm with vanilla ice cream.
My kids love this dessert so much.