03 December 2010

Footprints in the snow...

That is strange...I just read the @OfficialBanker tweet this morning and found something about the footprints in the snow. Actually this is the quote of his tweet: "Footprints in the snow ruined my usual Thursday night game of Knock and Run. " -yeah, I know he is quite naughty, but so funny. Love reading his comments :)

Anyway, so I read that and found it strange, because I had a similar idea -not knocking on someone's door :) - this morning when I took my camera with me when I was walking with my kids to school/kindergarten...

The place we live, is quite small and not many people are using a footpath from our house to the village. Everyone likes driving to school to drop the kids off, but not me. I am enjoying the walk every day with my kids, this way we can talk about things.
This morning how I was walking back home alone I have noticed the footprints of ours was still untouched in the snow.

...and here is my two darling, Edward and Gigi :)


1 comment:

Kreativlink said...

Yes, footprints in the snow can tell many stories ... :)
We have much more snow btw, ha! ;)