05 June 2010

My day in pictures

This rainbow flower is a reflection on my day:
After weeks of bad weather, finally this morning was sunny and warm, so I decided to mow the lawn in our back garden, as my husband still in the UK. But my son was asking me if he can do it...and I said "I don't mind!" ;D
Edward done an excellent job, so I decided to bake them a chocolate cake after lunch...

... I made lots of tiny chocolate fairy cakes...oh yummy :)

Afternoon I had some time to make few new flowers. I try to list this one in my Etsy shop tonight.

I made this gorgeous and simple headband from upcycled camouflage denim.
You will find this soon in my new eco Etsy shop.

I wasn't sure what should I make for lunch today, so I tweeted the question and one of my sweet friend Nat from MaxiTendance sent me a Salad Nicoise recipe to try.
To tell you the truth, when the first time I read it, it sounded like too much work to make, as I only had it in restaurants before. But I read the ingredients, and I nearly had all of them, so I decided to make it for dinner for my kids and me.

And I am so happy I did, as it was delicious and my kids was really looking forward to eat it!!
Thank you Nat so much!

xo Marianna

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