03 March 2009

That's how I like it :)

Just a quick post before I go to the airport to pick my husband up. It's nice he will be back home after three weeks.

That's how I like it a bit frothy and with 1/4 milk in it. I couldn't live without my Senseo coffee maker :)

This is how you can see me in the mornings, my head burried in a mug of coffee :)

In the morning I had my first and only coffee for a day and after I was wrapping some orders up to post them today. One is for my Etsy friend Kriszta, who is Hungarian too. She makes beautiful beaded jewellry, her Etsy shop's name is 6Carmen6 .
Kriszta, you will get it by thursday latest! Hopefully :)
I am rushing now, bye!


Carmen said...

It looks soooooo beautiful, thank you a lot. I'll tell you when I receive, of course :)

Swiedebie said...

3 weeks is long. You must have missed your hubby alot. I miss mine already when he is now away for only 3 days. I am hopeless. LOL!* I love your coffee mug, Marianna.
Wow, Kriszta is a lucky girl to receive such a beautiful work of yours. :)

l'actrice said...

Happy for you that your husband is back! Great coffee!