15 May 2012

Turning bad things into good..or at least I am trying...

It's been a long time I wrote down my thoughts here..even so may things happened since my last blog post, but I still can't write it down how I's many reasons for that..and I don't really want to talk about my last divorce hearing either, as I am so tired of it all, only one thing I can say: I still haven't divorced yet, as the ex is pulling the time, he hasn't bothered to come to the last court the next one will be on June the 12th, at 13.00pm..whatever...

The reason I wanted to write this post, is to show you my new project and my new style I was working on the last weeks. 
As many of you know, I am going through a very difficult time, which causing me so much pain in the last months by realising many things I haven't noticed before, and this bad experiences made me a different person and made me to see things so much differently as before...I am not sure if it's good or bad..anyway, this is who I am now...what I can do, it's to try to focus on my work more, and by painting again I am hoping to gain more strength emotionally and financially..
As you know, I couldn't paint for over a year now, so I was pretty amazed when one day, I discovered this strong feeling in me...the need of painting. Since I come across a photo of a friend with his blind/autistic nephew, it's become one of my favorite picture.. because I can relate to it, as I have a son and a daughter myself too, and I can feel that caring/protecting emotions what he felt when someone took a photo of them.
For some reason this photo made me to want to paint again, and alter that photo in my dreamy way..I wanted to simplify that picture, by changing the colors and textures, and remove the details, what I think is not as important. I just tried to focus on the emotion itself, by creating a new style. It's look quite similar to Andy Warhol style, but I wanted to create my own way to paint portraits now on. To show people that special moments when the photo was taken, to show it in my own translation, how I see it.
I will offering this style portrait paintings to people who is interesting to order a custom piece through here, by sending me an email to or through my Etsy shop. Now, I will show you some photos how I was creating my new painting.

First I edited  the original color photo to black and white, and took it to a printing shop, where they printed the image on canvas for me.

Then I took the print to a framing shop to frame it, and now it's like a stretched canvas, ready to paint.

First I painted the face over with some oil paint, to cover up the details..

..after drying, it's become really yellow, similar to Andy Warhol's painting...which I wasn't really happy with, even I know that friend like watching the cartoon "Sponge Bob Square Pants"..., I painted them over with a different color oil paint... I painted the faces again with one more layer, to give a dreamy effect, and I painted the hair and clothes too. I left the life jacket in grey, because on the original photo it's red. I think to take the red color out of this picture it's very important, because that color was drawing my eyes away from the faces, which they are the focal point on this photo.
I painted several times the clothes and hair over and over again. Then using my palette knife for a different texture effect, I painted the background with metallic silver acrylic paint.

..more layer of paint on the clothes and hair...

...and I painted the clothes over again..

I painted the eyelashes, and I've signed it. Then I was painted the canvas sides with black, mixing it with a little bronze/gold. This way it's ready to hang on the wall, do not need to frame, to keep to a modern style.

After drying, here is the finish painting.
I am quite scared to show you this project of mine, as it's a very new style for me. I tried to mix reality with my dreamy, fantasy word..and not sure if people will like it...but the thing is, to work on this painting gave me so much good feelings, as I painted it from my heart....

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