19 July 2011

To Mary Sunshine

Dear Mary Sunshine,

I hope you will read this message, because your opinion is really important to me.

Thank you so much for your message on my post. I read it many, many times and I am so touched by your honesty and your kind understanding words.

Your comment mean a lots to me, you have no idea how much strength it gave me to know people out there with a similar problems what I have.

Not many people understand the pain I am going through in this last months, but you can not blame them, as only people would understand who was or still in the similar situation like us...

You said: "I'm really proud of you to be able to talk about this and share it with others who care for you or could be in a similar situation."
This few words give me a warm feeling in my heart, even you said, you are a stranger, but I really feel you care for me, to let me know how you feel.
I can not thank you enough for this message of yours.

 No, you are not a stranger to me now, as it's only a definition who we call strangers... you are touched my soul, even I don't know you in person and maybe I will never meet you, but even that I feel that you was caring for me in that few minutes while you was writing to me.

I know might sound strange, but I feel you was much closer to my heart with your one message, than living with the ex for 15.5 years..I know it's sound sad, but that is the truth.

I would like to ask a question and your answer is really important to me.

Would you write about something on your blog what really hurts you, made you so angry since you know about it the last two months and give you restless nights?? You feel, you can not deal with it alone anymore, even after two months, you still feel the same anger, you feel the same hopeless and helpless what will happen next.

I already wrote it down for myself last night/early this morning.
I thought to write it down will help me to feel better, but I still feel so strongly about it to publish it on my blog, to make other people aware of this things and I do not want to hide what I found out about the ex. two months ago.

Please tell me, would you write about it??

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Anonymous said...

I would as to warn others who are in the samilar situation, give others strength and hope, assure others that the future can still be bright and joyful...
I was just passing by my time on the internet, looking for something special for my lovely GF, your arts attracts my eyes as I would love to wear the beautiful flowers myself (I am a girl myself), your story makes me sad and I couldn't help starting wondering whether there is a perfect long lasting relationship in the real world...
wish you all of the best and be strong......